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Dreading next summer? Be prepared with the right air conditioning in Bankstown

Bankstown is no stranger to harsh weather. During summer the temperature stays a blistering 28.2°C, before sinking to a frosty 1.3°C in winter. So, if you want to be comfortable indoors (at home or work) all year round, you need air conditioning in Bankstown that fits your exact needs and budget. Whether you need a fresh installation, routine maintenance, or emergency repairs, the highly qualified team at Trim Temp Air Conditioning is ready to satisfy your cooling and heating requirements. With years of experience servicing a range of models from leading brands, our technicians can efficiently set up and maintain your: Split System, Ducted System, Reverse Cycle, Residential and Commercial, VRV System, and Grilles. Plus, we have instant access to quality parts, ensuring a fast turnaround from quote to completion.

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Need help choosing an air conditioner?

Save time and hassle by speaking to a knowledgeable technician. They’ll take the time to review your floorplan, explain the benefits of each system, help you choose the perfect location, and give you an honest price estimate. By gaining valuable insight from a trusted expert, you’re bound to choose a system that fits your needs – at a great price too.

Air Conditioner Repairs

Professional installation

Have your air conditioning set up and running perfectly with a professional installation service. Your qualified installer will arrive on time, expertly fit and install the new system, test it, and show you exactly how to use it. And your area will be spotless. Best of all? Your service is covered by a workmanship guarantee and official manufacturer warranty.

Satisfying your commercial needs

At Trim Temp Air Conditioning in Bankstown, we provide a range of cooling and heating solutions for commercial sites – small and large – designed to offer superior performance and reliability at the lowest possible cost to you.

From installations and upgrades to urgent repairs, whatever your needs our team will collaborate with everyone involved – i.e. business owners, architects, property managers, and more – so that your project is successfully completed. On time. On budget.

Maintenance and repairs

With routine air conditioner maintenance, you’ll save money on costly repairs and avoid being stranded during intense weather. Your unit will also produce cleaner air for your interior space.

Our highly qualified technicians maintain and repair all types of air conditioning. During each visit, they’ll clean the filters, coils and fins, replace any faulty parts, test the electricity, and much more.

At the end, you’ll get a detailed report that explains all the tasks completed, ensuring a consistent service history.

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Whatever your cooling and heating needs, the local experts at Trim Temp Air Conditioning offer a range of solutions to suit your needs.

For a FREE custom quote on air conditioning services in Bankstown, call (02) 9826 7397 or tell us what you’d like completed.


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